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Contact info for listeners

If you've been unable to find the information you're looking for, please send queries or comments about music played on Radio New Zealand National to musicdetails@rnz.co.nz.

Please include as much information as possible, particularly the programme and/or host name, date and time you heard the item broadcast.

Info for people who would like to submit music for broadcast consideration

As well as broadcasting a wide range of musical styles, Radio New Zealand maintains a music library which is a significant cultural depository and a resource for programme makers. Radio New Zealand National is interested in receiving at least two copies of all music made by New Zealanders, or released in New Zealand. We prefer to receive music on CD or vinyl.

We ask for at least two copies of a work so that we can lodge one copy in our music library for safe keeping, and use the other/s for programming. You may want to send more than two copies if you want a specific programme to consider your music for inclusion.

If you are sending an album, recommend the one or two songs you think would best suit our station.

How to deliver music to us

To submit music to be considered for play listing, general and specialist music programming on Radio New Zealand National:

Postal Address:
RNZ National Music
PO Box 123
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Courier Address:
RNZ National Music
Level Two
RNZ House
155 The Terrace
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

Email: musiclibrary@rnz.co.nz

Musicians/ publicists/ record labels submitting interview/session/review suggestions:

Feel free to include links to your music on YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc. and a summary of your story.

music101@rnz.co.nz - Music 101 (for music interviews, sessions, features, festival and event coverage)
thesampler@rnz.co.nz - The Sampler (for music reviews)

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