21 Feb 2024

Shipping delays cause shortage of 'chicken, sugar, potatoes, onions, garlic' in Samoa

3:27 pm on 21 February 2024
Matautu wharf, Samoa

Matautu wharf, Samoa Photo: Facebook / Government of Samoa

One of the biggest food importer in Samoa has taken to social media to apologise for "temporary shortage" of food items, including frozen chicken, sugar, potatoes, onions, and garlic.

In a statement on Facebook on Tuesday, Ah Liki Wholesale said the shortage is mainly due to "delays occurring across all shipping lines".

"This shortage is primarily due to delays occurring across all shipping lines, and mechanical complications encountered throughout the transportation routes.

"Unfortunately, much of this is out of our control," the company said.

It said that it is working with partners "including the shipping lines to remedy this situation as quickly as possible, and in any way possible".

"We deeply regret the inconvenience and problems this has caused for our local community. However, we do hope to provide more information to our stakeholders as we get certain confirmation.

"At this point, the short supply should be resolved before the end of the month assuming there are no further delays or issues."

Meanwhile, the Samoa Observer reports it has been close to a month now since the supply of chicken started running short.

With the shortage, it is expected that there will be hiking and no sign of price control.

And fast food outlets are also raising costs as supermarkets are selling chicken at $10.30 per kilo and steep hike from $5.90 per kilo before the shortage.

The price control order shows that a box of chicken legs (15kg) should cost SAT99.30 for wholesale in Upolu and SAT104.50 for wholesale in Savai'i.

The retail price for chicken legs is now SAT8 per kg for shops in Upolu and SAT8.60 per kg for stores in Savai'i.

Supermarkets are selling chicken at SAT10.30 per kilo, a steep hike from $5.90 tala per kilo before the shortage.