French Polynesia's autonomist party names Nicole Sanquer as candidate for presidency

3:02 pm on 20 April 2023
Nicole Sanquer - A Here Ia Porinetia party

Nicole Sanquer - A Here Ia Porinetia party Photo: Polynésie la 1ère

The party coming third in the first round of French Polynesia's elections has put forward its founder as candidate for president.

Nicole Sanquer was nominated by her A Here Ia Porinetia party after last weekend's elections, in which the party won almost 15 percent.

The result means A Here Ia Porinetia, which was formed last year, is only one of three parties to make it to run-off round on Sunday next week.

Sanquer was education minister under President Edouard Fritch and also a member of the French National Assembly.

She left the ruling Tapura Huiraatira in 2019 to form her own party.

"We advocate an autonomist platform but when we see who is inside [Tapura], it is more of an opportunist platform," Sanquer told Polynésie la première in an interview on Wednesday.

The party's list of candidates is being led by Nuihau Laurey, who is a former vice-president.

The Tapura wants Fritch re-elected as president while the pro-independence Tavini Huiraatira party has nominated Moetai Brotherson to stand for the top job.

Meanwhile, Tavini, led by Oscar Temaru, came out on top in the first round of the territorial elections on Sunday.

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