14 Dec 2022

Niue gets more NZ help to deal with Covid-19

11:53 am on 14 December 2022
Niue Hospital in Alofi, Niue.

Niue Hospital in Alofi, Niue. Photo: Supplied/ Dr Penny McAllum

The New Zealand Pasifika Medical Association is sending two teams to Niue to support hospital staff in light of Covid-19 community transmission.

The Niue government sought help because about half of the nursing workforce is down, either away sick with the virus or on rostered leave.

Medical Association Group Board Director Sir Collin Tukuitonga said 60-plus cases at the height of community transmission didn't sound like a lot in New Zealand but it was enough to cause concern in Niue.

"In response to a fairly rapid escalation and a number of new cases, at the time we were talking there were 60-plus cases. It doesn't sound like a lot here but it is enough over there to cause them some concern partly because some of their nursing staff were affected and were away.

"And also more importantly they wanted to give some of their health staff some relief particularly nursing and doctors," he said.

Sir Collin said the first team was set to arrive this week and a second group is set to depart from New Zealand in January.

There are 34 active Covid-19 cases in the latest reporting period in Niue as of Tuesday local time.

The number of total cases since the virus arrived at the border is now 203.

The next update is expected later today.