Forgery and fraud case against ex-President Flosse dismissed

1:43 pm on 5 December 2022
Gaston Flosse

Gaston Flosse Photo: AFP

The French judiciary has thrown out an alleged forgery and fraud case against the former French Polynesian president Gaston Flosse, relating to a property transaction in Paris.

In 2018, Flosse and his son Reginald had been accused of forging management papers for a house which they had jointly owned with Gaston Flosse's former wife.

Reginald Flosse was appointed manager of the holding company in place of his father.

When the property was sold in 2011 the proceeds were seized by the state.

This was done to ensure Gaston Flosse would repay $US2 million he owed to the public purse, for misspending millions on phantom jobs to the benefit of his political party, in what was the biggest such case in French legal history.

To secure a partial lifting of the seizure, Reginald Flosse produced documents which the authorities believed were forged.

However, a magistrate has dismissed the allegation, and investigators have agreed to abandon the fraud and forgery case.