8 Nov 2022

French Polynesia to cap visitor numbers

3:23 pm on 8 November 2022
French Polynesia keen to revive stalled tourism

French Polynesia Photo: FB Tahiti Tourisme

French Polynesia's tourism agency says it aims for a cap on visitor numbers in an updated strategy to make the industry sustainable.

Named Farira'a Manihini 2027, the plan is to establish Tahiti and its islands as a boutique destination and leader in slow tourism.

The new strategy is yet to be approved by the territorial assembly.

The head of Tahiti Tourisme Jean-Marc Mocellin said until today, there has always been talk of growth objectives, but this time, it is a question of setting a cap of 300,000 visitors a year.

He said the number is achievable but should not be exceeded in order to have a ratio of one tourist to one inhabitant.

The aim of the new approach is also to have visitors stay for longer and for them to meet the local population.

Tahiti Tourisme also said it later wants to live up to the standards set by the World Sustainable Tourism Council in order to become internationally recognised and certified as a sustainable tourism destination.

It said it already meets a number of criteria, including the protection of children and environmental measures.

Tahiti Tourisme said it will take longer to assess the carbon footprint of the tourism industry, for which there needs to be more research and investment.