10 Dec 2021

Norfolk mayor calls on the people to unite and challenge Canberra

8:54 am on 10 December 2021

Norfolk Island's mayor Robin Adams says it is time for the people to unite and have a say.

This comes after Ms Adams regional council was dismissed this week by the Canberra government and replaced with an administrator for the next three years.

It means Norfolk Island, which had its semi-autonomous legislature shut down by Canberra five years ago, is now without any democratic say.

Ms Adams said it is time now to unite and challenge the actions being taken by Canberra.

"There is a petition, lodged with the United Nations - gosh it's going back some years now - for an act of self determination for the Norfolk Island people, so that the people can have a say. Democracy is too cherished by the Norfolk Island people to just sit back and allow this to happen," she said.

In September 2020 the regional council had sought a Royal Commission investigation into the moves made by Canberra, but instead found itself suspended and elected deferred.

Norfolk Mayor, Robin Adams

Norfolk Mayor, Robin Adams Photo: Virtual Island Summit

After an inquiry that Ms Adams said was designed to paint the council in an unfavourable way the minister, Nola Marino, went through with the dismissal.

Norfolk Island is represented in the federal parliament through the Canberra suburban seat of Bean, which is about 1800 kilometres from the island.

Its MP, Labor's David Smith, said in an email "there needs to be a rethink on how Norfolk Islanders are able to have a representative seat at the table in relation to all the government service delivery matters that affect them and the Morrison Government should begin to map out the pathway to such a voice."