28 Aug 2021

Solomons govt says lockdown will go ahead

9:23 am on 28 August 2021

The Attorney General of Solomon Islands says the government's 36-hour-lockdown is constitutionally sound and will go ahead on Sunday as planned.

John Muria Junior was responding to public statements by the leader of the opposition and a former Governor General critising the exercise.

They said it was questionable whether or not there were any legal grounds for arresting and prosecuting people for breaching the trial lockdown without the actual threat of Covid-19 in the community.

The Attorney General of Solomon Islands, John Muria Junior

The Attorney General of Solomon Islands, John Muria Junior Photo: Solomon Islands government

But in a statement on Friday, John Muria Jnr said orders by a prime minister in a lockdown are valid and constitutionally sound.

Muria Jnr said anyone who disagrees with this can take it up in court.

He said the lockdown in the capital Honiara will proceed as planned August 29.

The 36-hour 'Trial lock-down' at the Honiara Emergency Zone will be from 6pm on Sunday 29 August to 6am on Tuesday 31 August 2021.

The Honiara emergency zone is from Alligator Creek in the East to Poha in the West of Honiara.