Main Tahiti church campaigns for Maohi Nui

8:14 am on 3 August 2021
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Photo: AFP

French Polynesia's biggest church says the indigenous Maohi people must free itself from the enslavement by France.

The call was made at the 136th synod of the Maohi Protestant Church which was told that the people must emancipate itself from the plundering of its resources, nuclear experiments and bribes of billionaires.

Its secretary-general Celine Hoiore said the name of the country is Maohi Nui, and not French Polynesia, let alone France.

The church's president Francois Pihaatae said the time had come to discuss independence as the dignity of the Maohi people keeps being violated.

He said everything was orchestrated from Paris and the government in Tahiti only followed its decisions.

The church had wanted to address the French president Emmanuel Macron during his visit last week, but he declined an invitation to the synod.