27 Apr 2021

PIF's Dame Meg disappointed at lack of action by major emitters

7:52 am on 27 April 2021

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General has welcomed the new climate targets announced by some countries at US President Joe Biden's virtual summit.

But Dame Meg Taylor has also raised concerns about the lack of sufficient action by others.

She welcomes the US, Japan, UK, Canada and South Korea's commitments to end financing of coal-fired power plants overseas.

Dame Meg Taylor.

Dame Meg Taylor. Photo: Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

However, Dame Meg said it's disheartening that other major emitters have not acted decisively to curb the global climate change emergency.

She also said it's regrettable that no new climate finance commitments were made, despite developing countries knowing the promised 100 billion dollars per year by 2020 has not been delivered.

Dame Meg said the Initial NDC Synthesis Report released recently confirmed the world is far from a pathway consistent with 1.5 degrees of global warming by the end of this century.

She said the summit should have been a turning point given the major economic powers that participated are responsible for 80 percent of global emissions.