28 Jan 2021

CNMI public schools transition to 'blended learning'

7:51 am on 28 January 2021

In the Northern Marianas, all public school students will come back to campus starting next month as in-person learning returns, nearly a year after the Covid-19 pandemic shut public schools.

The Public School System announced it will be transitioning from remote learning to "blended learning" a mix of in-person classes and online instruction-beginning next Tuesday.

Education Commissioner Alfred Ada said blended learning is a step closer to bringing back some normalcy for students, and the safest way to have students on campus for now.

Dr Ada said all students attending in-person classes must have a mask on campus at all times.

Under the blended learning set-up, students on some days will attend a class taught by a teacher in a traditional classroom setting.

On other days, students will independently complete online or paper-based learning packet components of the course outside the classroom.

With this learning mode, attendance of in-person classes is compulsory.

Education Commissioner, Dr Alfred Ada

Education Commissioner, Dr Alfred Ada Photo: Mt Carmel School