3 Dec 2020

Covid vaccines expected in Guam by Xmas

8:55 pm on 3 December 2020

The first batches of Covid-19 vaccines are expected in Guam by the end of the month.

File: This illustration picture taken in Paris on November 23, 2020 shows a syringe and a bottle reading "Covid-19 Vaccine" next to the Pfizer company logo.

Photo: AFP

The Guam Post reported that at least 7000 vaccines were due to be shipped in from federal sources.

The first batch for Guam will be of the Pfizer vaccine, which requires a special ultra-cold storage and handling system.

Local officials were reportedly working to meet a Friday deadline for vaccine-distribution planning.

Meanwhile, the rate of daily infection has begun to taper off after an alarming surge since September, according to the government.

Guam's total number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus is around 7000.

So far, there have been 112 deaths linked to Covid-19.

Michael Hemmingsen - Guam 1

Michael Hemmingsen - Guam 1 Photo: Supplied