Alpha explores Tahiti's options in Paris talks

4:45 am on 23 November 2020

French Polynesia's vice-president Tearii Alpha has explored options to diversify its economy during talks in Paris with French ministers.

Sebastien Lecornu (left) in talks with Teraii Alpha

Sebastien Lecornu (left) in talks with Teraii Alpha Photo: supplied

Alpha said the territory wanted to shed some of its reliance on transfer of funds from Paris and on tourism by expanding the green economy and fisheries.

A statement said he met the Overseas Minister Sebastien Lecornu and his predecessor Annick Girardin, who had become the Minister of the Sea.

Alpha said before thinking of going to mars, attention should be paid to what can be found in the depth of the sea, suggesting expanding fisheries with traceable catch for European Union markets.

He also said amid the growing presence of China and the US in the region, French Polynesia should become a stable place for the European Union for it to be a third actor to ensure a lasting peace.

The minister also suggested the services sector could use the 12-hour time difference between French Polynesia and France to create jobs in Tahiti.