Tahiti Covid-19 cases top 11,000

2:23 pm on 12 November 2020

French Polynesia has recorded another 345 Covid-19 cases in the past day, raising the tally to 11,316.

Patient samples at a safety workbench for coronavirus testing.

Photo: AFP

95 people with Covid-19 symptoms are in hospital, including 21 in intensive care.

52 people have died in the pandemic.

The virus is concentrated on Tahiti but has spread across all archipelagos.

All but 62 cases were detected after the borders were reopened in July and mandatory quarantine requirements were abolished.

A nightly curfew has been in place since late last month and meetings in public are limited to six people.

While France ordered a nationwide lockdown last month, French Polynesia was granted an exemption.

French Polynesia has recorded the highest incidence of coronavirus per capita outside Europe.