10 Nov 2020

Fiji's chief urges villagers to stop acts of witchcraft

5:24 pm on 10 November 2020

A Fijian chief is pleading with his people to stop the practice of witchcraft in the province.

The Tui Bua reportedly said "devil worshippers" hindered development opportunities in the province because it impacts his people.


.. Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Doron

Speaking at an event to mark the arrival of Christian missionaries to the province in 1839, Ratu Makutu Nagagavoka called on his people to instead worship God.

The Fiji Times reported Ratu Makutu as saying that Bua produced good rugby players who had reached the international level.

But he said many of them had returned home with their successful stories jeopardised.

Ratu Makutu said God's grace had seen the province of Bua through over the past centuries.

He said if his people were to rise above their challenges and situations, they must worship God in spirit and in truth.

Ratu Makutu said while Bua may not be as developed as other provinces, it was "more important not to miss the gates of heaven".

He said the missionaries, who arrived in the 1800s, were sent by God.

Chief seeks forgiveness

In a reconciliation ceremony, the Tui Bua sought the forgiveness of the Methodist Church, asking the pastors to release his people from past hurts.

The people of Bua and church ministers in the province attended the ceremony at Nawaiwai, Lomanikoro.

Ratu Makutu told his people that they had started a new chapter in their life.

He said in order for the people to move forward with God's blessings, they needed to ask for forgiveness from those they had have hurt.

He also urged his people to "always acknowledge God in everything", whether it be village development projects or religious-based projects.

The Methodist ministers accepted Ratu Makutu's apology.

Villagers and traditional leaders from the 12 districts of Bua were part of the reconciliation process.

Tui Bua Ratu Makutu Nagagavoka.

Tui Bua Ratu Makutu Nagagavoka. Photo: Facebook/Fiji govt