Transparency Solomons calls on govt to audit economic stimulus funds

11:07 am on 7 November 2020

Transparency Solomon Islands is calling for an audit of the government's multi-million dollar stimulus package.

Point Cruz Wharf in Honiara

A ship being loaded with goods bound for the provinces at the Point Cruz Wharf in Honiara. Photo: RNZI/ Koroi Hawkins

Over $US39 million was committed by government to help Solomon Islanders struggling with the economic impacts of the pandemic.

But transparency chief executive Ruth Liloqula says a leaked list of recipients shows many public servants and people without legitimate businesses or projects among the beneficiaries.

Ms Liloqula has called for the funds to be audited.

"Some of the reports that we get, some people who do not grow cocoa at all or farm pigs at all they are receiving the money and they are just drinking it away," Ruth Liloqula said.

"There are also some whose names have appeared in the list but actually they are not the ones that applied," she said.

Ruth Liloqula said the list shows $US22million of the stimulus package has already been distributed and she is calling on the government to account for those funds before releasing anymore.