3 Nov 2020

Vanuatu lacking qualified professionals, government

5:33 pm on 3 November 2020

The Director of Vanuatu's Qualifications Authority said there are not enough qualified ni-Vanuatu to fill executive positions in both the public and private sector.

David Lambukly said a number of sectors in the country have suffered from employing underqualified managers, directors and chief executive officers.

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Photo: 123rf/ Michael Burrell

He saids the lack of qualifications is reflected in the number of expatriates employed in senior executive roles in the private sector.

Mr Lambukly said most of the companies would prefer to recruit locally, as it would be cheaper, but are unable to because of a lack of sufficiently qualified locals.

His comments came at a workshop aimed at identifying and addressing gaps in Vanuatu's national resource devlopment plan.