23 Oct 2020

Solomons emergency system reinstalled after audit finds disconnected

11:05 am on 23 October 2020

A Japanese audit has found an emergency communications system installed in Solomon Islands was left disconnected.

The bustling Port of Honiara nestled in the capital's CBD. 05 November 2013

Honiara port Photo: RAMSI gallery/Solomon Islands Govt

The $US5 million disaster response system was given free as part of Japan's aid programme.

A report in The Mainichi says Japan's Board of Audit found the system was left disconnected, and some parts lost, for up to three years .

The system was completed in July 2014, designed to facilitate intensive collection of disaster information for the whole country by relevant Solomons agencies.

It consisted of radios, repeaters, antennas and other equipment installed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

However, parts were disconnected around 2016 and the system remained off-line until last year.

Solomon Island authorities have been replacing the missing equipment and reinstalling the system, with the Japanese agency playing an advisory role.