19 Oct 2020

Fiji teachers warn govt over corporal punishment allegations

8:59 pm on 19 October 2020

Fiji's government has been threatened with legal action if it terminates teachers over unproven allegations of corporal punishment on students.

Fiji Teachers Union general secretary Agni Deo Singh.

Fiji Teachers Union general secretary Agni Deo Singh. Photo: Supplied/FTUC

The Fiji Teachers Union said in the past some teachers have been dismissed by the government as disciplinary action for alleged corporal punishment.

But it has questioned the competency of the government's system for dealing with such allegations.

The union is challenging the Education Ministry over how it terminates teachers accused of corporal punishment.

Addressing about 500 teachers in Nasinu on Sunday, the union's general secretary Agni Deo Singh said it was important they understand the ministry has a zero tolerance policy for corporal punishment.

Teachers were reassured that if they are sacked by the ministry without the involvement of police, and despite not admitting he or she has inflicted corporal punishment, the union will defend them.

Singh said where ever a teacher denies inflicting corporal punishment, the union will represent that teacher in court.