1 Oct 2020

Fiji supermarkets warned over sale of rotten meat

8:20 am on 1 October 2020

Supermarkets in Fiji are being monitored over reports they are selling rotten meat to the public amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Consumer Council said it's concerned about complaints received about supermarkets selling meat that is not of good quality.

The Council's chief executive Seema Shandil said over a thousand kilograms of meat have been confiscated from some shops and this will continue.

Seema Shandil.

Seema Shandil. Photo: Fiji Consumer Council

Shandil said supermarkets were also under surveillance by the municipal councils.

"We work with the municipal council's health inspectors to ensure the condemnation is done in the right manner so that the meat is removed from the supermarkets and not put somewhere in the back and then brought back and resold to the customers."

Shandil said the council was also focused on businesses selling expired rotten fruits and vegetables.

A council survey in March found that 22 supermarkets had been selling expired meat, rotten fruits and vegetables.

Shandil said action will be taken against these supermarkets to improve their quality standards.

She urged consumers to check the quality of meat products and the hygiene of its storage before purchasing meat, fruits and vegetables.