3 Sep 2020

Better education on strokes needed in NZ Pacific communities

3:33 pm on 3 September 2020

Researchers say Pacific communities in New Zealand are not getting the message on stroke prevention, and a more tailored approach is needed.

Stroke is the third highest killer in New Zealand after heart disease and cancer, and Pasifika are twice as likely as European New Zealanders to suffer them.

Image of a human brain

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A new survey by the National Institute of Stroke and Applied Neurosciences showed Pasifika are largely unaware of the dangers posed by strokes and how to recognise them.

Associate Professor Rita Krishnamurthi said there needed to be significant changes around how information on stroke prevention was conveyed to this community.

"And whether this is by delivering this information in a culturally informed manner, by training key staff in their community groups to educate people in that community," Dr Krishnamurthi said.

"These are some of the ways that we can definitely get the information across a lot better than we are doing now."