14 Aug 2020

Guam records 28 new Covid cases, further restrictions considered

9:26 am on 14 August 2020

Guam's Governor is contemplating further restrictions as a second wave of Covid-19 cases continues in the territory.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero Photo: Governor's Office

Lou Leon Guerrero confirmed 28 new cases of Covid-19 overnight pushing the island's total out to 477 confirmed cases.

This comes just days after Guerrero ordered bars to close for two weeks and halved the number of people allowed to gather in groups.

Both Guerrero and her Lieutenant Governor, Josh Tenorio, are in isolation after they were confirmed to have the coronavirus.

In a video update from her home, Guerrero said she was keeping a close eye on the situation.

"We are not out of the woods here.

"This disease continues to be in our community and we will fight even harder to beat this disease and how we do that is by really practising our mitigation efforts."

The governor continued to push the need for social distancing, hand washing and the wearing of masks.