31 Jul 2020

China slams Fiji opposition's Covid-19 claims

8:09 pm on 31 July 2020

The Chinese Embassy in Fiji has condemned claims made by an opposition MP that the Coronavirus has been spread by evil forces to assist China.

fiji flag at parliament

Photo: RNZI/ Sally Round

Social Democratic Liberal Party member Mitieli Bulanauca told Parliament the Chinese are responsible for the global health crisis and that Beijing is being assisted by satanic forces.

But a spokesperson from the embassy said Mr Bulanauca's comments only fuel racial ramifications for the Chinese community in Fiji.

The spokesperson said China is shocked and disappointed as Mr Bulanauca's remarks are not factual and were taken from fake social media pages.

The FBC reported the Chinese embassy official had called on people to keep cool heads and say no to racism and xenophobia.

The official said such acrimony would not only undercut co-operation between the two countries but also "sow seeds of suspicion and confrontation that could put our people and even the world in grave danger".

Meanwhile, Bulanauca also took a swipe at the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Parliament, saying it had sided with China over Beijing's poor handling of the Covid-19 outbreak.

"They're still for the vaccine and when one is approved by WHO whose integrity is now questionable for siding with China or communism, you will be artificially inseminated with a certificate to it under your body or skin," the SODELPA MP said.

But the Chinese embassy said all available and reliable data had suggested that the virus had a natural animal origin and was not a manipulated or constructed virus.

"We have all along been in good communication and co-operation with the WHO," the embassy statement said. "But we have never attempted to manipulate the organisation," the spokesperson said.

"The WHO is a specialised UN agency for public health security. It has 194 member states where 11 members on its 21-strong headquarters leadership are from the US, the EU, Canada and Australia, and only one is from China."

The embassy said the coronavirus did not originate from Wuhan as claimed by many, as the origin was yet to be confirmed.