30 Jul 2020

American Samoan schools prepare for learning in 'Covid environment'

5:21 am on 30 July 2020

American Samoa schools are preparing to start their new school year next month under strict Covid-19 precautionary measures.

an empty American Samoa school bus.

an empty American Samoa school bus. Photo: Supplied/ Monica Miller

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga said all government departments and agencies should be occupied with getting classrooms and campuses ready over the next two weeks.

He instructed that when the new year begun on 31 August, all schools should follow social distancing and students should wear masks.

The Department of Health was supplying 45,000 face masks for students.

The 15,900 children enrolled in school were expected to be issued with at least two, and in some cases three masks, after which parents would provide the rest.

Governor Lolo said young people were now identified as vulnerable to Covid-19, not in terms of suffering from the virus but more as carriers.

Lolo said if schools could not follow Covid-measures, they should not be allowed to reopen.