14 Jul 2020

Samoa lifts ban on some pork products

6:42 am on 14 July 2020

Some imported canned pork products that had been banned for sale in Samoa have now been allowed back on shop shelves.

Samoa Observer reports the products were banned as part of preventative measures against the African Swine Flu or ASF.

A public notice by the Ministry of Agriculture advised that Deli Pork Luncheon, Tasi Pork Luncheon and Kings Choice had been allowed to be sold at stores again.

Some processed products from countries with African Swine Flu cases are still banned for importation and sale in the country.

The Minister of Agriculture, Lopao'o Natanielu Mu'a said the ministry is looking at buying a machine to help detect ASF and added it may also be able to test for Covid-19.

Currently, samples of pork products are sent overseas for testing.

Sizzling hot bacon pieces in a cast iron skillet

Sizzling hot bacon pieces in a cast iron skillet Photo: 123RF