30 Jun 2020

French Polynesian advice to limit overseas travel

9:00 am on 30 June 2020

Health authorities in French Polynesia are urging people to limit overseas travel because of Covid-19.

The call was made as international air travel out of Tahiti restarts on Saturday with scheduled flights to Paris.

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Airport in Tahiti Photo: RNZ

In just over two weeks, flights to California will also resume and quarantine requirements will then be abolished for travellers arriving in French Polynesia.

Authorities have urged caution as there is a risk of importing the coronavirus.

A hotline is to be set up for anyone noticing Covid-19 symptoms to seek assistance.

Travellers wanting to fly to Tahiti will have to show a certificate proving that 72 hours before departure they were coronavirus free.

The last two Covid-19 cases in French Polynesia were detected last week when two individuals tested positive at the end of their two-week quarantine.

France recorded 160,000 Covid-19 cases, the US more than two million and French Polynesia fewer than 100.