26 Jun 2020

Niue's Tagelagi says work underway to improve governance

2:50 pm on 26 June 2020

The new premier of Niue is promising more robust scrutiny of government departments to ensure they exercise responsible and astute leadership.

Niue government minister, Dalton Tagelagi.

Niue government minister, Dalton Tagelagi. Photo: RNZ Pacific / Jamie Tahana

The Broadcasting Corporation of Niue reports Dalton Tagelagi told parliament there will be an emphasis on good governance, transparency and accountability.

This follows revelations before the recent election that the government's books were five years in arrears.

A critical report from New Zealand's Auditor General detailed unauthorised spending and mismanagement, with the government also failing to file audit reports on time, or at all.

Mr Tagelagi told MPs that work is already underway to improve the way the government operates.

The preimer also said the new administration would be more forthcoming with information and would hold regular press conferences.

And he told parliament the government is still some time from making a decision on when to re-open the border, which closed with the international Covid-19 shutdown.