9 Jun 2020

More journalists stopped from taking photos at Vanuatu airport

2:47 pm on 9 June 2020

Vanuatu journalists remained banned from taking photos at public areas at Bauerfield International airport in Port Vila.

Security at Port Vila's airport

Security at Port Vila's airport Photo: RNZ Pacific / Hilaire Bule

On Monday, RNZ Pacific correspondent, Hilaire Bule, was asked by airport security not to take photos of the landing of an Air Calin plane.

The aircraft arrived yesterday with 126 Ni-Vanuatu who work on P&O cruises ships on board.

The security did not explain why Mr Bule was prohibited from taking photos.

Since Covid-19 restrictions were put in place, journalists had been banned from taking photos at the airport when ni-Vanuatu were being repatriated.

Journalists had also found it difficult to cover the arrival of relief supplies for Cyclone Harold.

Mr Bule said on Monday he had to leave the airport and take photos of the convoy from an adjacent area.

Earlier this week the Vanuatu Media Association spoke out about what it called intimidation of journalists after a female reporter from the Daily Post newspaper was told to delete her photos on the spot.

The journalist had taken photos of a plane repatriating 58 ni-Vanuatu from New Zealand.

The Vanuatu government's spokesperson, Hilaire Bule.

Hilaire Bule was stopped from taking photos at the airport Photo: RNZ/Moera Tuilaepa-Taylor