19 May 2020

Fiji High Court ruling regarding curfew overturned

2:58 pm on 19 May 2020

Fiji's acting chief justice has overturned a High Court ruling to throw out convictions handed down to people caught violating curfew.

Acting CJ, Kamal Kumar

Acting CJ, Kamal Kumar Photo: ADB

The High Court last week threw out the rulings of five magistrates.

Last week High Court Judge Salesi Temo ruled the fines meted out by the magistrates were too hefty, cruel, degrading and disproportionate for the offences committed.

But Acting Chief Justice Kamal Kumar nullified the high court decision and ordered the magistrates not to follow Justice Temo's ruling.

Justice Kumar said Justice Temo had no jurisdiction and could only review the magistrates' decisions after consultation with the Chief Justice's Office.

He said his office did not receive a report from the High Court and he only became aware of Justice Temo's ruling through the media.