19 May 2020

Solomons police rescue 11 people adrift at sea in Shortlands

7:16 am on 19 May 2020

Police in Solomon Islands have rescued 11 people adrift at sea near the marine border with Papua New Guinea.

Western Province's Inspector Wilken Miriki said officers in the Shortland Islands responded to a call about missing family members from Maleai village.

Mr Miriki said, having responded immediately, they found five children and six adults between Mania and Onua Islands in the Shortlands.

He said they had mechanical issues when returning home and ran out of fuel.

With poor maritime conditions at the time, Inspector Miriki emphasised it was not an easy rescue.

"That is why police always appeal to people to check on the weather as well as check your OBM engine before you travel at sea," he said.

The police reiterated to boat owners and skippers of the importance of maritime safety and reminded travellers to plan all trips, which includes notifying family of plans and timing expectations, as well as a mandatory check on the weather via the Met Service or the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation.