12 May 2020

Guam governor urges residents to avoid second wave of Covid-19

3:57 pm on 12 May 2020

Guam's governor is urging residents to remain vigilant to avoid a potential second wave of Covid-19.

The island is the worst-affected in the Pacific, with 151 confirmed cases and five deaths.

But there hasn't been a new case in weeks, and the government on Sunday relaxed many lockdown conditions.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero Photo: Governor's Office

In a video on Facebook, Lou Leon Guerrero congratulated Guamanians, but cautioned that they weren't out of the woods yet.

"Please stay the course and practice social distancing and wear your mask. Because this is how we can continue on with this very positive outcomes of what we are seeing with our Covid-19 response," Ms Guerrero said.

Lou Leon Guerrero also vowed to rebuild Guam's economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism.

Ms Guerrero said her immediate concern however is for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged families in the community and making sure that they benefit from the government's assistance.

"Twenty-thousand of the economic impact payments were processed yesterday on Mother's Day. This is totalling about $39.8 million dollars," Governor Guerrero said on Monday.

"Expect to have these stimulus cheques in your hands in the next three to four days."

Ms Guerrero promised that more support would be announced later this week.