French Polynesia Covid-19 tally rises to 57

11:03 am on 22 April 2020
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Another person in French Polynesia has tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the tally to 57.

One of the carriers is in hospital.

The government and the French High Commission said 35 people were under surveillance while 35 showed no symptoms anymore and were out of isolation.

Among those infected last month is the education minister Christelle Lehartel whose absence from work has been extended to the end of April.

Her portolio has again been officially transferred for another two weeks to the minister in charge of modernisation Tea Frogier.

While schools have this week been reopened across the territory except for the islands of Tahiti and Moorea, the mayor of Uturoa on Raiatea decided to keep them shut.

She took the decision after a reported breach of the confinement rules by two individuals who arrived on the island by boat.

The two are wanted by police.

Meanwhile, the French High Commission reminded all mayors that police matters were in the domain of the French state.

It sent a letter to the mayor of Tahaa after she extended the lockdown into this week.

She and the town council had decided to keep restrictions in place after several people from Tahiti visited the island by boat last week despite a ban on inter-island travel to contain the virus.