22 Apr 2020

Niueans considering travel to NZ advised on border rules

6:37 am on 22 April 2020

Niuean residents travelling to New Zealand in the near future have been advised about mandatory border requirements.

Niueans, as New Zealand citizens, can still enter New Zealand during the emergency response period for covid-19.

However, after arriving in Auckland they must enter a period of 14 days managed isolation or quarantine.

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Photo: RNZ

The New Zealand High Commission in Niue has urged people travelling to New Zealand to take heed of the requirements and the related practicalities.

Travellers entering New Zealand will be taken directly to one of various hotels that are either a managed isolation facility or a quarantine facility for at least 14 days.

New Zealand's government is paying the cost of the accommodation and meals in these facilities.

The High Commission said that travellers need to bring with them everything they need for 14 days in isolation/quarantine as they will not be permitted to leave the facility.

It said for example, they would need to bring sufficient and suitable clothing, baby supplies, personal medications, and hygiene products/toiletries to cover 14 days.