20 Apr 2020

Pacific lockdown against Covid19 slows free satellite offer

7:48 am on 20 April 2020

Pacific countries will have to wait at least two weeks before they can take up an offer from a satellite service to help health providers track Covid-19 cases.

Singapore-based company Kacific offered over 1,000 free satellite dishes to help with a rapid response to tracking the virus across the Pacific.

The support, worth more than US$1-million, would help healthcare departments connect rural and remote medical clinics to high speed internet.

Kacific's CEO Christian Patouraux said there was an overwhelming response to the offer.

But he said given lockdown logistics for island nations, there will be a delay before the technology can be used.

"We need to line up each each ... who get exemptions from the lockdown so that they can travel. We need to get means of transportation, many local airlines, domestic airlines are shut down at the moment. Local domestic logistics is an issue."