16 Apr 2020

Solomons police launch investigation into misconduct allegations

5:00 pm on 16 April 2020

Solomon Islands police have launched an investigation into allegations of misconduct by officers during the Easter weekend curfew operation.

The Solomon Star newspaper reported residents of the Kukum Area in East Honiara complained that officers entered their homes and confiscated betel nut and cash in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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Photo: RNZ/Koroi Hawkins

One of the affected residents Jeff Kali told the paper the officers also assaulted one of his neighbours.

The Police Commander for Honiara, Stanley Riolo, said his officers denied the allegations.

Superintendent Riolo said his officers apprehended betelnut vendors operating illegally during curfew hours and confiscated their produce but they did not enter any personal dwellings.

He said the officers used necessary force to arrest one person who was drunk and who was found in possession of marijuana but he was released with a warning.

Superintendent Riolo confirmed an internal investigation was still underway.