6 Apr 2020

Samoa media operator starts bounty for escaped criminal

7:20 am on 6 April 2020

A media operator has started a community-funded bounty for Samoa's notorious escaped criminal, Pati Chong Nee.

Chong Nee escaped from prison in last January, where he was serving time for armed robbery and theft.

Pati Chong Nee.

Pati Chong Nee. Photo: supplied

Police are also looking for his accomplice Sosene Asomaliu who is believed to have been harbouring Chong Nee.

The managing director of Radio Polynesia and co-owner of TV3 Samoa, Maposua Corey Keil, launched a fund offering a reward of $US350 for information leading to the capture of the fugitives.

Maposua, who is the brother of police commissioner Fuiafailili Egon Keil, said by the weekend contributions had increased the bounty to $US579.