Solomons business group to survey members impacted by Covid-19

10:15 am on 2 April 2020

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce will survey its members about the impacts of Covid-19 on their operations.

This comes as the government begins consultations on what a business stimulus package might look like.

Solomon Islands is yet to register a case of coronavirus and the emphasis is on keeping the virus out.

A State of Public Emergency has been declared and international flights are suspended.

The chamber's chief executive Atenasi Ata said the tourism industry has been worst hit by the restrictions.

But other businesses are also struggling and he says there is uncertainty about the future.

"But right now we are just, our focus is just about business experiences and making sure that they are being captured somewhere."

"So that government, all the relevant parties whether it is Finance (ministry), whether it is commerce and industry (ministry) [they] are taking note of the hardships they (businesses) are going through."