26 Mar 2020

Indonesian authorities in Papua raise covid alert level

1:20 pm on 26 March 2020

Indonesian-administered Papua province has blocked entry at ports as it elevated its alert level over Covid-19.

According to Tempo, the Papua provincial administration raised its coronavirus alert status to an emergency as of Tuesday to impose several measures to prevent coronavirus entering.

One of them is the blockage of entry access for immigrants via airports or ports, and at cross border posts.

The land border access point between Indonesia and Papua new Guinea has already been closed for two months.

However, the regional administration said it will maintain a sufficient supply of logistics for the community.

Additionally, Papua's administration has restricted the arrival of foreign nationals and set certain time for the people to conduct their daily activities.

Meanwhile, religious activities are also restricted in a bid to prevent crowds of people.

West Papuans are also required to conduct medical tests to check for Covid-19.