20 Mar 2020

Three dead in Fiji landslide

8:37 pm on 20 March 2020

Three people have died in a landslide in Fiji's Namosi province.

A fourth person is injured.

Police have recovered the bodies where two trucks and a crushing machine were buried in the landslide at about 3pm on Friday afternoon.

Director of the National Disaster Management Office, Vasiti Soko, said the condition of the survivor was not clear.

"Four people were involved in the accident. Details of the incident are still sketchy as I'm still on my way to the site. But I can confirm that of the four people, one has survived while three are dead."

Bad weather in Fiji is likely to continue into the weekend, Ms Soko said

Meanwhile, a heavy rain and flash flood warning is in place for most of Fiji.

The National Disaster Management Office said flooding had closed roads in low lying parts of Viti Levu.

There was a danger of more landslides and the public should notify authorities before trying to clear any slips, it said.