19 Mar 2020

Voting postponed in parts of Vanuatu due to bad weather

4:14 pm on 19 March 2020

More than 13,000 voters on the Vanuatu islands of Ambae and Maewo will not vote today because of adverse weather conditions.

The Vanuatu Electoral Office confirmed this to journalists at the Vanuatu Daily Post this morning as voting continues in the rest of the country.

Principal electoral officer Joe Iati said extreme weather conditions are hampering efforts to get voting material and equipment set up at polling locations.

Voters in Torba province may also be affected.

It is understood the Vanuatu Electoral Act allows three days for polling to accommodate such delays.

Meanwhile voting is continuing across the rest of the country despite some minor logistical issues.

In some areas polling locations were moved and at other venues voting did not start until after 9am because because ballot boxes and other materials did not arrive in time for the official 7:30 start.

Polls close this afternoon at 4:30pm local time with counting to begin immediately except for those areas yet to vote because of extreme weather.

People line up in Vanuatu to cast their vote

People line up in Vanuatu to cast their vote Photo: RNZ Pacific / Len Garae