19 Mar 2020

Samoa's COVID-19 results expected sooner than first announced

1:09 pm on 19 March 2020

Test results for Samoa's first suspected case of coronavirus are now expected within three to five days.

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Photo: Wikimedia commons

Last night, the Samoan government said an Aucklander was being held in quarantine.

It said samples from the patient had been sent to Melbourne for testing, and results would take 10 to 20 working days to come back.

But sources in both the Australian and Samoan governments say that is incorrect, and samples have been sent to both Australia and New Zealand.

They say the turnaround for results is three to five days.

Test results from suspected cases in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea and the Northern Marianas have all come back negative.

Meanwhile, Samoa's cabinet will hold a special meeting this afternoon to discuss further tightening travel restrictions.