18 Mar 2020

Tuvalu makes progress on waste management

7:10 pm on 18 March 2020

Tuvalu is making significant progress on improving its waste management, the International Institute for Sustainable Development says.

Rubbish in  Tuvalu

Photo: RNZ Pacific / Sally Round

According to the Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Hub, the progress is outlined in the country's latest annual review of its waste management.

The review said Tuvalu was reportedly making gains on growing awareness among citizens about the merits of proper waste management and responsibility for managing waste.

These were some of the goals set out in the Tuvalu Integrated Waste Policy and Action Plan 2017-2026.

The review recognised, however, that the enforcement of government waste management-related legislation, regulations, and policies remained "generally weak".

It also outlined emergent problems such as marine litter, healthcare waste, asbestos, sewage and sludge.

The review recommended enforcement of law on littering and regular monitoring of ships' compliance with waste management standards.

It said the installation of a proper treatment system was required for sewage and sludge.

Women groups should take the lead on addressing illegal dumping and littering problems, it said.

The summary of the annual review can be accessed here.