29 Feb 2020

CNMI Education Board to sue govt

12:26 pm on 29 February 2020

In order to get its 25 percent constitutionally mandated portion of the Northern Marianas budget, the CNMI's Board of Education is planning to sue the administration of Governor Ralph Torres.

This comes on the heels of a proposal to cut the Public School System's annual budget by 28 percent, which would reduce it by $US10 to about $US27 million.

The Board of Education has approved a motion to file for a Supreme Court injunction against the CNMI government that would force it change the budget.

The CNMI government is strapped for cash because of a reduction in tourist numbers brought about by the corona virus outbreak and the lingering effects of the destruction brought by Typhoon Yutu in 2018.

Starting next week, government employees in the Executive Branch will be under austerity measures, reducing their work week to 32 hours.