28 Feb 2020

Hydrogen mooted as source for New Caledonia power plant

8:17 pm on 28 February 2020

A French company has outlined a proposal to replace the ailing power plant in New Caledonia's capital by combining the use of renewable energy with hydrogen technology.

HDF Energy has presented its project as the local power company rethinks the construction of a new power plant, whose main client will be the SLN nickel company.

The government said fresh tenders will be sought next month, and it suggested that solar power should be a key energy source to veer away from gas or coal.

HDF Energy said its proposed plant in Doniambo would use sun and wind to also generate hydrogen which once stored could be fed back to assure a stable electricity supply in case of a lack of light or wind.

It said such a plant would provide clean energy at a competitive price.