25 Feb 2020

Vanuatu voters warned about treating ahead of polls

8:51 pm on 25 February 2020

Vanuatu voters have been warned about treating ahead of next month's general election.

Campaigning nears end for snap election

Election time is looming in Vanuatu, with a 19 March date for going to the polls Photo: RNZI Jamie Tahana

An independent eletions candidate in Vanuatu has warned voters to be wary of people who hand out items like televisions, cooking utensils and cash ahead of the March polls.

Johnny Arnhambat said the offering of such goods was part of a 40-year old mentality which he called "poly-tricks".

The Daily Post reports Mr Arnhambat saying that treating equated to bribery and was offered because candidates lacked a vision to benefit the country.

He claimed to have spent $US30,000 of his own money to prepare to contest the upcoming general election.

Mr Arnhambat is a senior member of the Adventist Church from North West Malekula.

He said he wanted to become the next Minister of Public Works because he has already identified development projects in his district.