17 Feb 2020

Indonesia offers scholarships for PNG students

10:13 am on 17 February 2020

The Indonesian consulate in Vanimo is helping to arrange university scholarships for Papua New Guinea students.

The consulate recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PNG's West Sepik, or Sandaun, province to provide university scholarships in Indonesia.

Under the agreement, dozens of students from the PNG province could take up placements at three universities in Indonesia.

Cenderawasih University in Jayapura, Christian University in Jakarta and President University in Jababeka are the three institutions

Henry Samosir, an information, social and cultural affairs officer from the consulate, is working with Sandaun officials to advance the MOU.

"I believe in education. Education is very vital in human life. That's why we try our best so that the education in Vanimo, they have co-operation with the education in Indonesia."

The diplomat said that up to 22 students from Sandaun province were being lined up for placement in President University.

The first batch of students should go soon, according to Mr Samosir.

"So, starting from this month, they're going to send maybe twelve students. I don't know the ability of their budget but the university gave the scholarship (with) free admission fee.

"I think it is a very good offer from the university," Mr Samosir said, adding that courses at the university were offered in the English language.

He said the Sandaun provincial administration and the Governor's office were currently working on arrangements for the scholarships to be implemented.