12 Feb 2020

Dead gecko found in bottled water in Tonga

10:54 am on 12 February 2020

Tonga's Consumer Affairs Office has issued a warning to a local company after a dead gecko was discovered in one of its bottles of purified water.

A female jewelled gecko.

File photo. Photo: Supplied

The 'Hina Vai' brand of bottled purified water is a product of the Jin Xiang Ltd company. The bottled water is produced locally in Tonga.

Jin Xiang, one of several producers of bottled purified water in Tonga, has subsequently been issued a warning.

Last week, a complaint was received by the department about the bottled water containing the dead gecko.

In a country where a large portion of the population drink only purified bottled water, the complaint comes at a time when consumption of purified water is at an all time high because of the exceptionally hot weather.

Jin Xiang was given two days to remedy the problem and ordered to take measures to ensure that no other problems occur in the quality of their water production.

It was also ordered to ensure that its bottled water be free from any chemical and biological contaminants.

The company's facility is to be inspected at least once a month, with approved regular pest control to be conducted.

The Food Authority, working closely with Consumer Affairs, has threatened to shut down the food business if there is any failure in meeting requirements.