6 Feb 2020

3 Fiji officers appear in court over police brutality charges

1:20 pm on 6 February 2020

Three Fiji police officers charged with brutality offences have appeared in court.

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Photo: RNZ Pacific/Koroi Hawkins

The officers, who face a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm, are accused of pouring boiling water on a man's back and striking his leg with a concrete block at a Suva police post in November, according to a statement from Fiji's Director of Public Prosecutions.

One of the officers, Benedito Bolabiu, has also been charged with acts intended to cause grievous harm and conspiracy to defeat justice and interfere with witnesses.

The other two, Laisenia Naiwau and Lasaro Turagadrau, are charged with aiding and abetting.

The officers have been granted bail until their next court appearance on 27 February.