Calls for new approach to curb human trafficking in PNG

8:49 am on 29 January 2020

A Catholic social welfare agency in Papua New Guinea says to curb human trafficking the "consumers" need to be prosecuted, along with traffickers.

Woman hand holding on chain link fence for remember Human Rights Day concept.

Photo: 123RF

Caritas, along with the Bishops' Conference, is strongly supporting police action to curb human trafficking, particularly of sex workers.

PNG police have reported foreign-owned businesses, relying on people brought into the country illegally, are involved in illegal activities, such as prostitution, drugs, firearms and money laundering.

Caritas national director, Mavis Tito, said it was important that those who created the demand also faced the law.

"Many a time a lot of focus is placed on the traffickers themselves but rarely do you see the consumers being held equally accountable for their actions.

"So, we are pushing for consumers to also be prosecuted and punished for their role in human trafficking."