PNG's police chief calls for death penalty for cop killings

4:47 pm on 27 January 2020

Papua New Guinea's Police Commissioner has called for the death penalty for those who kill police officers.

Papua New Guinea police commissioner David Manning

Papua New Guinea police commissioner David Manning Photo: Supplied

David Manning's comments came after the killing of a policeman in Porgera in Enga Province.

Mr Manning said an attack on the constabulary was an attack on the government and state.

"The death penalty must be imposed on anyone who kills a policeman. I am therefore calling upon our legislators to take this into consideration and amend or enact appropriate laws to serve as deterrent to such criminal behaviours," Mr Manning said.

A combined police and PNG Defence Force operation is currently underway in Porgera, and neighbouring areas, to "flush out" the criminals responsible for the shooting.

"The suspect who killed the policeman is known. We know who he is and we know his associates. We will find them," Mr Manning said in a statement.

"PNG is becoming a very dangerous country for policemen to work in and their safety and protection is very critical to ensuring that they can go out and continue to protect and serve the eight million people of PNG."

Police are due in Porgera today to assess the situation.